A Series of Activities to Celebrate National Day and Mid-autumn Festival were Successfully Held

To celebrate National Day and Mid-autumn Festival the double festival, make international students feel the festival atmosphere, deepen the understanding of Chinese traditional culture and modern culture, guide a healthy life style to international students, the School of International Education organized a series of activities, and to make moon cakes is one of the experience activities.

Moreover, the School of International Education also organized an activity named Empty Plates Movement”, all  international students who stayed on campus gathered together to celebrate the coming Mid-autumn Festival and National Day. After the lunch, they shared their empty plates, and practiced the healthy life style of diligence and frugality with their actions.

With the coming of autumn, the School of International Education not only carried out the work of dormitory supervision and inspection, but also planned a lot of sport activities for international students, to make sure  the prevention and control work for COVID-19 is carried out successfully.  

Translated by: Zhang Xiaobai

Source: Li Mengyang

Photographer: Li Mengyang

Reviewed by: Wang Jing


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